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About Hostel
The Institute offers hostel accommodation for girls and located at the campus. Hostel fee is based on three seat rooms or two seat rooms including electricity charges. Hostel is provided with one common kitchen cum mess units for girl students. Every member of the hostel is provided with basic amenities like Cot, Table, Chair, Ceiling Fan and Cupboard. Each hostel is equipped with solar water heating system. Common Room facilities with Cable TV and Telephone are available in hostel building. High Speed Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity is available within hostel premises. We have Canteen Facility also within the hostel premises. Along with all these facilities, strict security is provided 24*7. All attempts are made to provide hostel accommodation to as many students as possible.

Mess/Canteen Facility
Indoor & Outdoor Games
Uninterrupted Power & Water Supply
Round The Clock Security
Cooled And Purified Drinking Water
Solar Hot Water System
Telephone Facility
Recreational Facility And Emergency Medical Services
Round The Clock Ambulance Facility Available Within Hostel Premises
High Speed Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity
All Leading Marathi And English Newspapers Available

Hostel Girl's In-Time
9:00 PM

Fee Structure
35,000/- Per Year for Living

Contact Detail
020 - 65211054

Hostel Rules and Regulation
Student Admitted to JSPM's Institute/College will alone be eligible for admission to hostel.
Admission to hostel will be valid till end of the current academic year.
will allot the rooms after confirmation of admission to hostel. Students are not allowed to change the rooms only with the written permission of the rector.
Fees ones paid will not be refundable except under special circumstances.
Students are not permitted to stay away from the hostel during night without permission of the rector.
Students should follow hostel time strictly
Other than student admitted to hostel, no one is permitted to stay in the hostel.

Warning- Prohibition on Ragging
As per Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 and UGC Regulations on Curbing of Menace of Ragging in the Higher Educational institutions – 2009, Ragging is a cognizable criminal offence. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within or outside any educational institution. Students found guilty of any form of ragging will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions under these rules including cancellation of admission and imprisonment.


Bus Route: NIGDI TO Hadapsar Campus

Bus Route Name-: NIGDI

Bus No: MH12

Bus Driver Name: Mr.

Driver Mobile No:


Outdoor and indoor sports facilities are available for volleyball, cricket, kabaddi, football, chess, carrom, table-tennis, etc.

Ground and facilities are available for cricket, football, etc.

Students are motivated/encouraged to take part in various tournaments at College/District/ MSBTE/ State/National level.

The students make use of the those facility on day-to-day basis.

The facility is used for conducting Yoga / Meditation.


JSPM has central studio, which is connected to all JSPM's institutes. Every institute has got Virtual class room, with LED screen, through this facility. Video conferencing & guest lectures are arranged for students & staff. Faculty members of different institutes of JSPM are encouraged to deliver lectures on topics of importance through this system. The central studio of this system is located at JSPM's corporate office. This facility is unique which is effectively used in teaching learning process.

We would like to introduce our video conferencing facility to you all. This facility is implemented at every campus of TSSM& JSPM Institute as our family is so large.

Videoconferencing allow two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. Videoconferencing provides students with the opportunity to learn by participating in two-way communication forums. Furthermore, teachers and lecturers worldwide can be brought to remote or otherwise isolated educational facilities. Sometimes it is simply not possible or practical to have face-to-face meetings with two or more people. Sometimes a telephone conversation or conference call is adequate. Other times, e-mail exchanges are adequate.

However, videoconferencing adds another possible alternative, and can be considered when:

1. A live conversation is needed
2. Non-verbal (visual) information is an important component of the conversation
3.The parties of the conversation can’t physically come to the same location
4.The expense or time of travel is a consideration.

How we use it :-

1.Guest lecturers brought in classes from other campus.
2.Meeting purpose when it is participated by people at different campuses.
3.Conducting events,programs,conferences,lectures at more than one campus.


First aid kits are provided for emergency situation and for more serious situations the Ambulance is also available 24*7 for students.


A precious canteen is situated within the campus to provide students a healthy dose of nutritious food. Clean environment is maintained within and outside the canteen.​


ATM is provided to facilitate student for cash transactions. It supports all kind of credit and debit cards.​


  • Library and Internet facilities are available as per AICTE norms.
  • The central library is available to the staff and student.
  • For effective utilization of library, separate slot is provided in the time table.
  • All computer systems are connected through LAN with the internet facility.

  • The library is fully automated with Autolib software.
  • Open access facility is available to the students for selection of required books.


Learning management system (MOODLE) is effectively used for providing teaching – learning material to relevant stakeholders.
Use of video clips, video lectures, e-resources are used for teaching by faculty members either in classroom or in laboratories through ICT tools such as LCD Projectors, Smart Board.
Availability of video recordings of the practical extends opportunity to the students to learn the things in advance and implement the same during practical. Also this facility helps to cope up the academic loss of students.
Availability of video conferencing facility helps to avail the expertise in required domain from other institutes in the organization.